Girls playing soccer.


SPRING 2019 REC. SEASON IS HERE! Registration Now!

Fees: U6 - $50, U8 - $55 and U10 - $60. U12 - U19, the fees are $90 for FALL ONLY and $150 for Fall and Spring.

U-11 and above Spring Uniform Fee: $15 (ONLY NEEDED if not registered in Fall).

Online Registration (OPEN).

Note: Mail-In registration with payment must be postmarked no later than last day of registration. Download registration form below.

Mail-In Address:

Stillwater Soccer Club
P.O. BOX 2466,
Stillwater, OK 74076

Walk-In Registration: Registration Forms are available at the registration table. You can also download the registration form, fill it out and drop it off with the payment during the Walk-In registration.

  • Location: Stillwater High School Front Lobby.
  • Dates: February 2nd.
  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm.

Rec. Registration Forms: U6 - U10 Registration Form | U12 - U19 Registration Form.

Schedules, Field Info, Practice Times: TBA

Birth Years for U6, U8 and U10

  • U6 (6 years and under): 2013, 2014
  • U8 (8 years and under): 2011, 2012
  • U10 (10 years and under): 2009, 2010

U6/U8: Practice and games will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Hamilton Field (Couch Park - 800 E 12th Ave) starting at 6 pm.

U10: Practice and games will be on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6pm at Babcock Park (19th & Western). U10 will have a few Saturday games scheduled throughout the season.

U11 - U18: Practice days (TBA).

  • Additional information regarding the season will be provided closer to the start of the season.

U10 Details: Practice and Games at Babcock Park (19th & Western)

  • TBA

U8 Details: Practice and games at Hamilton Field (Couch Park - 800 E 12th Ave)

  • TBA

U6 Details: Practice and games at Hamilton Field (Couch Park - 800 E 12th Ave)

  • TBA


As always, we are in need of coaches at every age group. We cannot start the season without coaches. No coaching or soccer experience is required. Assistance will be provided. If you are interested in coaching please email me. If you indicate on your registration form that you are interested in coaching or volunteering in other ways, please still email me as I do not always receive all the information entered onto the registration form.

If you have any questions, please send emails to

Recreational Team Information


No updates at this time.

U6, U8, U10, and Traveling Recreational Team Information!

  • U6 max roster 6 (3v3)
  • U8 max roster 7-8 (5v5)
  • U10 - max roster size typically 7-9 (7v7)
  • U12 - max roster 14 (9v9)
  • U14 and above - max roster 18 (11v11)

Once the roster is at capacity, registrations will be placed on a waiting list until an additional team is formed (or an additional coach is secured) so don't delay!

Recreational Program Overview

  • U6 Level Program, $50 (includes a T-Shirt)
  • $55 for non-traveling U8 (includes a jersey)
  • $60 for non-traveling U10 (includes a jersey)
  • No photo needed.  Ages 4-9 (U6-U10)
  • $85 for Spring 2013 traveling U12 and above (includes jersey  / shorts / socks)
  • Players NOT previously with SSC should provide a birth certificate COPY

Recreational Team Information

New to soccer? Consider reading our "Soccer For Parents" booklet! Also, we recommend information at US Youth Soccer's site for small-sided games (U12 and younger).

U6/U8 Players

U6 - Beginning with the fall 2011 season, the U6 soccer program formerly under Stillwater Parks & Recreation will operate as a part of the Stillwater Soccer Club.

The U6 program, for players ages 4 – 5 years old prior to August 1, joins the U8 recreational, U8 through U10 Academy, U10 non-traveling recreational, U12 through U19 traveling recreational, and U11 through U19 SSC APEX traveling competitive programs currently operated by SSC.

Players are coached and officiated by parent volunteers (training is available), and all sessions are academy style with players rotated through various coaches and training sessions. Games for the U6 program are 3v3 format and will focus on basic rules of the game; parent involvement through coaching; good sportsmanship; and include the technical goals of dribbling, shooting, passing, receiving, basic movement and positioning in a fun and safe learning environment.

The U6s/U8s practice schedule will be announced by the U6/U8 Commissioner after registration and before the season begins.

All training sessions will be help on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays. Please have your son/daughter wear cleats/shin guards and bring water to ALL training and games. If the weather allows, everyone should have a practice and game each week.

Parents who are interested in coaching or for more information, please contact our Youth Commissioner. No previous experience is required.

U10 Boys

The U10 fields are located on the west of the creek at Babcock Park. The Spring Seasons are always jammed very tight. Therefore, starting Spring 2015 Season games will be played on Thursdays, with the possibility of a few on Tuesdays to free up Saturdays for tournaments. The practices for the season will be determined by each coach. Please have your son wear cleats/shin guards and bring water to ALL practices and games.

Details will be posted on the site as they become available.

Parents who are interested in coaching or for more information, please contact our Youth Commissioner.

U10 Girls

The U10 fields are located on the west of the creek at Babcock Park. The Spring Seasons are always jammed very tight. However for the U10 Girls the games will be on played Saturday, with the possibility of a few on Sunday. Please have your daughter wear cleats/shin guards and bring some water as well as a soccer ball to each practice. The practice times for the season will be determined by each coach. 

Details will be posted on the site as they become available.

Parents who are interested in coaching or for more information, please contact our Youth Commissioner.

Traveling U12, U14 & U16 Recreational Soccer

Information will be posted when available or contact the Youth Rec. Commissioner.


You can reach us on email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We appreciate helpful comments and will try to answer all questions.

Photos and Birth Certificates

At fall registration, or when new in the spring, a photo and a copy of the player's birth certificate are required at registration.  The photo will be used to create a photo ID player pass that each coach keeps for referee inspection at games.  The birth certificate will be kept on file with SSC's registrar as required by OSA (Stillwater Recreational Teams) and OPC (Stillwater APEX FC Teams).


A jersey will be provided by SSC for use during the season.  The items provided by each player are basic shorts and soccer socks (color is set by individual teams), as well as shin guards and soccer cleats cleats.


Teams are formed to utilize the maximum number of players.  Both boys and girls teams are offered when the numbers allow.  Girls can play on boy's teams with coach and board approval.  Requests for team placement are accepted and serviced as best as possible.  Unfortunately, requests cannot be guaranteed.


The fall season starts in early September; the spring season begins in March. Both seasons consist of 7-10 games scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.  Coaches should begin contacting players in late August (fall season) or late February (spring season) and games should begin about mid-September/mid-March.  All U10 games are played in Stillwater, and their schedules are set after the traveling team schedules are set.  It is important to note that with U12 and above as traveling teams, typically HALF the games will be played in Stillwater and HALF out of town within OSA, generally taking about 1 to 1.5 hrs to reach.  It is the policy of SSC and OSA that each player plays at least half the game.


Games are generally played regardless of weather (except lightening & thunder).  However it is sometimes necessary to cancel a game.  The team coach is the person to supply this information or call if there are questions.


Normally practices are held once per week at a Stillwater location, and are 1 to 1.5 hrs in length and are scheduled by the team's coach.


Many take advantage of training available through OSA.  Their clinics are offered at various times and locations throughout the year.  With this training, anyone who enjoys working with youth can be an effective coach.  Please contact SSC to find out more about coaching.


Referees are paid per game. Anyone willing to learn the game, attend training, AND pass the test (age 12 or older is recommended) can be a referee.  Training is offered in Stillwater in early August.  Please check our Referees page or contact a member of SSC to find out more about being a referee.


Please consider volunteering for individual teams or the club by notifying the team coach or SSC board members.