2016 WSA Cup Tournament Champ & Finalists

Congrats to the U15 APEX Boys, U14 APEX Girls and the U10 Academy Boys for making the WSA Cup 2016 Tournament Championship Game in their brackets.

The U14 APEX Girls were the eventual "WSA Cup 2016 Tournament Champion." The U15 APEX Boys and U10 Academy Boys fought to the end and finished in 2nd place in their brackets.

Pictured below are U14 APEX Girls with the Championship Trophy and the U10 Boys Academy and the U15 APEX Boys with their 2nd place trophies.

U14 Girls APEX - WSA Cup 2016 Tournament Champion  

U14 Girls APEX - Tournament Champion/1st Place.


U10 Boys Academy - WSA Cup 2016 Tournament Finalist

U10 Boys Academy - Tournament Finalist/2nd Place.


U15 APEX Boys WSA Cup 2016 Finalist

U15 Boys APEX - Tournament Finalist/2nd Place.